air – heir (воздух/проветрить – наследник): fresh air; the heir to the throne

band – band (отряд/группа – завязка): a rock band; a rubber band

bank – bank (насыпь/берег – банк): the bank of the river; the bank of England

bare – bear – bear (голый – нести/родить – медведь): with bare hands; bear in mind; а polar bear

bark – bark (лай/лаять – кора): the dog barked at me; the bark of a tree

bat – bat – bat (летучая мышь – бита – моргнуть): blind as a bat; a baseball bat; not to bat an eyelid

be – bee (быть – пчела): to be or not to be; to be as busy as a bee

beat – beet (бить – свекла): to beat the drums; beets and carrots

brake – break (тормоз – перерыв/ломать): car brakes; let’s have a break; don’t break it

buy – by – bye (покупать – около/у – пока!): to buy a car; to sit by the window; bye-bye

cell – sell (ячейка – продавать): a prison cell; my cell phone; to buy and sell

cent – scent (цент – запах): 100 cents in a dollar; a faint scent of roses

coarse – course (грубый – курс): coarse fabric; a course of lectures

complement – compliment (дополнение – комплимент): verb complement; give a compliment

creak – creek (скрип/скрипеть – ручей): the floor creaks; a narrow creek

cue – cue – queue (намек/подсказка – кий – очередь): give a cue; billiard cue; stand in a queue

desert – dessert (покидать – десерт): to desert the village; apple pie for dessert

die – dye (умереть – краситель/окрашивать): he died two years ago; she dyed her hair red

earn – urn (зарабатывать – урна): to earn money; to earn respect; cremation urn

flea – flee (блоха – спасаться бегством): a flea market; to flee the country

flour – flower (мука – цветок): two cups of flour; a bunch of flowers

hair – hare (волосы – заяц): dark hair; he ran like a hare

hoarse – horse (хриплый – лошадь): a hoarse voice; to ride a horse

hole – whole (дыра – целый): a small hole in my dress; the whole world

I – eye (я – глаз): I can see it clearly; my left eye itches

lie – lie – lye (ложь/лгать – лежать – щелок): to tell a lie; to lie on the floor; a lye solution

main – mane (главный – грива): the main reason; a horse’s mane

maize – maze (маис/кукуруза – лабиринт): maize oil; a maze of streets

mall – maul (пешеходная аллея – кувалда/калечить): shopping mall; to be badly mauled

mean – mean – mean (значить – посредственный/низкий – средняя величина): what do you mean? it was mean of him to say it; mean speed

meat – meet (мясо – встретить): meat and potatoes; to meet with friends

none – nun (ни один – монахиня): none of them; she is a nun

pair – pare – pear (пара – очищать от кожуры – груша): a pair of gloves; to pare an apple; apples and pears

peace – piece (мир/покой – кусок): peace and quiet; a piece of bread

right – rite – write (правильный/правый/право – обряд – писать): that’s right; my right hand; civil rights; funeral rites; write a letter

sail – sale (парус/плыть – распродажа): to sail on a ship; I bought it on sale

sea – see (море – видеть): have you ever seen the sea at sunrise?

sew – so – sow (шить – так – сеять): to sew a dress; be so kind; to sow the seeds

some – sum (некоторый – сумма): I need some money; a large sum of money

son – sun (сын – солнце): he is my son; the sun is shining today

sound – sound (звук – здоровый): the sounds of music; a sound mind in a sound body

stalk – stalk (стебель – выслеживать/подкрадываться): corn stalk; to stalk a deer

tail – tale (хвост – рассказ): a bird with a long tail; a long and interesting tale

waist – waste (талия – излишняя трата): a slender waist; a waste of time

wait – weight (ждать – вес): to wait for an hour; her weight is 100 pounds

weak – week (слабый – неделя): weak eyes; next week

weather – whether (погода – ли): nice weather; ask her whether she wants to go

well – well (хорошо – колодец): very well; a deep well

which – witch (который – ведьма): which bag is yours? she was a real witch

whine – wine (скулить – вино): my dog often whines; red wine


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