Полезная лексика

Полезная лексика

above board – honest, open – честный, открытый
His business dealings are above board.

after all – in spite of the situation; nevertheless – I knew it!
After all, I was right! He returned to his hometown after all.

against the grain – contrary to someone’s feelings, principles – против чьих-то чувств, принципов, желаний
His plan goes against the grain with her because she doesn’t like cheating.

all along – all the time – все время; всегда
I knew about his little secret all along.

all ears – eager to listen – весь во внимании
I am all ears.

all of a sudden – suddenly – неожиданно
All of a sudden, he refused to pay.

all the same – no difference – все равно; без разницы
If it’s all the same to you, let’s start at two.

all thumbs – clumsy – неуклюжий, неумелый
He can’t fix anything, he’s all thumbs.

apple of one’s eye – very dear, precious – очень дорогой, драгоценный; зеница ока
Her son is the apple of her eye.

as a rule – generally, usually – как правило
As a rule, we offer a 5% discount.

as far as I know – if I have correct information – насколько я знаю
As far as I know, he stayed home all day.

as far as someone / something is concerned – concerning; in reference to – что касается кого-то, чего-то
As far as I am concerned, both the book and the movie are good. As far as your report is concerned, we’ll discuss it tomorrow.

as for / as to – concerning; in reference to – что касается; относительно
As for me, you can always rely on my support. As for your report, we’ll discuss it tomorrow.

as well – also; too – тоже; также
He knows math and physics as well.

at all – (not) in the smallest degree – совсем (не)
He doesn’t know French at all. I don’t like it at all.

at first sight – from the first glance; at once; at first glance – с первого взгляда; сразу же; на первый взгляд
It was love at first sight. At first sight, it seems easy to do.

at odds with – in disagreement -не в ладах
He is at odds with everyone!

at random – without order or plan – наугад; без плана
He chose those places at random.

at this point – at this time – на данном этапе
At this point, we can’t turn back.


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