Author : Gbile Akanni

No. Of pages : 115
THE JOURNEY INTO YOUR VISIONIn-between childhood and adulthood are embedded the mysteries of the Divine will, which only unveil as we walk with God through the track of life that God had pre-ordained for us. This journey of life into your vision is full of inevitable ups and downs. You may not see the process of climbing the steep hills. Even the thorny bush appears like ‘carpet grasses’ from afar off on the hills. It gives a beautiful scenery, good enough for a photograph from a distance. But the closer you come to the vision, the more the reality of its inaccessibility by ordinary means, dawns on you.

The process of bringing a dream to reality is not as cumbersome as the necessary processing of the character and life of the man God intends to use. If the processing of your life is slow and sluggish because of your personal resistance, then the fulfilment of God’s vision for your life will be very slow and greatly delayed. Actually, what will look like a coincidence is a divine recurring principle for all who will become great in God’s hands. The journey to divine greatness usually starts by responding properly to seemingly casual demands from seemingly ordinary men.

Those that God usually employs to send a man to the place of ‘death’ are usually his next of kin. The devil may seem to be interested and be pressing the remote control; but the physical hands that are used to execute the ‘death’ and the ‘dying’ of a man for God’s purpose to be fulfilled are generally those of his brethren.

The first introduction that God seeks for His servants is never their charismatic gifts, or even their dreams. It is their relationship with Him. In all we must pass through, our gain must not be the weight of our bodies; or the sweetness of our tongues. It must be in the matter of our intimate walk with God. This is for you to be made by Him in the quarry where He makes His men and women. Will you settle down to be made at His feet? Will you move away from cheap publicity and empty propaganda and come with Him into the quarry and let Him mould you for His glory? Can He keep you in His quiver for a while and polish you like His polished shaft? Will you give your cheek to Him that smites you so you will fit into the shape designed and ordained for your life?

This is how God makes His men. The path the elders have trod is still the path of the cross today. May you be among the few that walk in it. Let us withdraw a while and allow fresh incubation on our lives. What we spend so much to do and is not even being achieved, will take no dime when God has placed in our lives the divine grace to submit to God’s delegated authority. Submission to spiritual authority is not due to lack of gifts or open doors. It is not due to insufficient grace and wisdom. It is God’s way of delegating authority to men and qualifying them for leadership in the future. Jesus was subject to His Father, not because He was inferior to Him. Equality with God was His from time immemorial. It was not a robbery of His position. His submission was to establish God’s orderliness and authority on the earth.

Do not be too arrogant to locate your Jethro; your John the Baptist; your Potiphar or simply your ‘disciplers’ who are called to place their hands on this rawness of your life for God, otherwise you may become an easy prey for the enemy to devour. Do you lack understanding, my friend? You are a preacher, so what are you doing with those loose ladies? Those young girls that are flirting around you? Or rather what are you doing flirting around them? Do you not see that each of them holds a hook in her hands and it is for your nose? You will soon become their prey. Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned? Have you not burnt up your robe of ministry? Have you not walked on hot coals and thus seared your feet? Your feet are no more beautiful to spread the good news! You are now a man without the sandals of ministry.

You are too young to become a prey for ladies whose future is already permanently damaged. You are too young a lady to accept to become a second wife or a wash hand pot for a man whose insatiable sexual desire has captivated you. Cut off from that relationship. Even your marriage cannot have a proper foundation with that relationship you are in right now.

One thing that runs through in the life history of Joseph was his unbroken personal walk with God. This is what kept him going all through the time of his trials, temptations and tests. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? When did you start to walk with Him? To have a future that has hope and prosperity, you must begin here. You have started your journey into your destiny. Avoid those things that crippled others. Some of your friends are casualties already. Girls are lined up on your path seeking to make a crust of bread out of you. Some hunters like Esau are setting traps to catch you as an early bird into their nest. Be careful. Be prayerful.

An excerpt from the booklet, “The Journey Into Your Vision” by Gbile Akanni.

Pgs 106 – 109


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